Company’s ancillary services include the following:
Consultancy in insurance and shipping matters.

Types of insurance sought consonant with the nature of cargo, duration of voyage and geographical location of load and discharge ports. These include cargo risks, freight insurance, hull and machinery cover, war and strikes risks, port risks and loss of hire cover.

Suitability of INCOTERM for the particular commodity / trade.

Assistance in dispute resolution (ADR / Mediation): bearing in mind International conventions pertaining to contracts of affreightment.

Consultancy with regard to credibility of the carrier / risks involved in chartering sub- standard tonnage and consequent losses.

Settlement of claims made by wharfingers, ship interests or cargo interests: bearing in mind the liability of respective parties.

Consultancy with regard to various types of charterparties pertaining to liquid bulk and general cargo.

Broking and chartering.
Ship broking and Chartering is an important part of the business. Being active ship agents we extend range of services offered to ship owners. We deal in liquid bulk, dry bulk & general cargo and have good relationship with ship-owners and operators. Ensuring that Principals vessel’s opening in Pakistan get the best possible fixtures. We are involved in all aspects of broking, from spot market fixtures to long term freighting contracts.
Consultancy with regard to class surveys, Oil Major vettings, PSC inspections and Flag State inspections. Rectification of observations and non-compliances given by authorities and other national / international bodies.
Tank cleaning and de-mucking.
Supervision for tank cleaning / demucking of oil tanker, which include product tankers, Aframax tankers and VLCCs.
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